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Mid Autumn Lanterns Centre Piece

Lighting and putting up the colourful lanterns at Mid Autumn Festival is always a fun thing to do. The adults will guard the kids with the candle lighting and the hanging of the lanterns at first; 30 minutes later it is the adults who can't seem to stop playing with fire.

The traditional paper lanterns are our favourite but the problem is: it is extremely dangerous because the candles will either fall off halfway burning and burn the lantern up, or even if the candle manage to burn till the end it might still burn a big hole on the bottom of the lantern.

So I decided to revive these lanterns by cutting out the burnt bit on the bottom and make a large round opening, cup them over some tealights:

and serve as a beautiful centre piece on the coffee table:

Now they are quite safe to handle, and could probably last much longer (and I can reuse them next year!).